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Exploring all avenues... so your "DASH"... your story will last forever...

In life, we’re given a birth-date... and at end of life, we’re given a death-date...
but the only thing in life that really matters is the “DASH” in between.

Discover how simple it can be... to share your loved ones… "DASH..."

Mystery Surrounds the Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond The Hope Diamond is the most famous diamond in the world. But fame comes at a cost … more than a dozen owners of the diamond lost fortunes, attracted suspicious circumstances, or suffered tragic deaths, all supposedly due to the diamond’s curse. Jean...

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FamilySearch to require users to sign in

Beginning December 13, 2017, for a number of very good reasons, the highly visited FamilySearch.org website will begin requiring users to sign in before using the website. The announcement came in a blog post entitled, “FamilySearch Free Sign-in Offers Greater...

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