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Exploring all avenues... so your "DASH"... your story will last forever...

In life, we’re given a birth-date... and at end of life, we’re given a death-date...
but the only thing in life that really matters is the “DASH” in between.

Discover how simple it can be... to share your loved ones… "DASH..."

How Accurate is DNA Testing? Really?

https://daily.jstor.org/forensic-dna-evidence-can-lead-wrongful-convictions/ DNA testing is not without controversy and unforeseeable consequences. The article shown above highlights some of the serious issues facing the forensic use of DNA evidence. With the...

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Deja Vu Deception: These Old Scams Resurface Again

Photo Credit: iStock/SIphotography Re-run ripoffs are nothing new; what’s previously worked for scammers will likely be successful again. And that holds especially true for these three long-time (and historically prosperous) ploys that have resurfaced with a...

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