"To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die” - Thomas Campbell

Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques

with Online Virtual Family Legacy Memoir!


A simple and revolutionary way to showcase your own story for the future or share the legacy of passed love ones with family and friends right at the grave or memorial site with QR code and smart technology.

History-to-Share.com’s vision is about:

~ Showcasing your own story for the future.

~ Leaving advice for your children on life events, when time might be limited.

~ Honoring a passed loved one’s contribution to the family legacy.

When someone you love becomes a Memory, the memory becomes a Treasure...

WATCH The Above Video…
To see how EASY it is to adhere our artistically crafted Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques to an existing gravestone or memorial wall.

View the other uses for our unique Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques.

This product is not limited to family and family members, grave sites and headstones. It has a much wider application within the community, especially on or around monuments and statues, memorials etc, where the history and achievements of those so honoured can be revealed. Every synagogue, temple, sanctuary, school and hospital nursing home, corporation, non-profit organization, sports tournaments, camp, and church has dedications that are represented on donor walls and doors. Sporting clubs, RSLs, local governments and all Historical Societies can all make use of our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques.

Make Your Memories into Treasures… That Will Last FOREVER…

Our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques

are works of art that contain a portrait of your loved one plus a QR code, which when scanned with a smartphone or tablet will display their life story, right at that moment… right in your hand. Imagine generations to come will be able to connect with their ancestors and know their legacy, how they lived, what they valued, and what contribution they made to the family and community. Our ceramic outdoor memorial plaques are made through modern digital printing with special ceramic toner and inks by firing the image onto porcelain at extremely high temperature in a kiln. They are guaranteed against fading, discoloring, and will not turn milky white or yellow.  And, are made to endure all weather conditions, whether mounted on a headstone, mausoleum, wall, statue, or other flat surfaces.

WATCH... how this WILL make a difference for YOUR generations to come!


Click image above to view slideshow samples of our unique Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques and Pet Urn.

Our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques can easily be retro-fitted into an already existing memorial site.

Below is an example of how your loved one’s
online memorial page will look.
Click the imagine below to view the page.

ceramic outdoor memorial plaques

Take a walk down a memorial wall and with the simple scan on any of our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques QRCode, be able to instantly read their story…

ceramic outdoor memorial plaques

History-to-Share Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques just made sharing your passed love ones amazing life story… easy!

Just scan any one of our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques QRCode with any smartphone or tablet…

You now have their story.

ceramic outdoor memorial plaques

Have you ever found yourself, while visiting a cemetery or memorial wall, wondering the history of those passed.

They must have some significant history…

A good story to tell!

Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques really personalized a memorial or grave site, but how great would it be to read their story… their legacy… their “DASH”?

ceramic outdoor memorial plaques

Read their history, their life journey story, right there… right now…

As you’re standing in front of their monument; just by scanning their plaque using your smartphone or tablet…

Our ceramic outdoor memorial plaques are made with a technology twist.

Still searching for that final piece of genealogy data before you start writing that Family Memoir?


Are you wanting a way to leave behind YOUR  greatest “Life Lessons & Advice for the Milestone Events” for your children, friends and your family generations to come… as your Living Memoir?

WHY WAIT… Begin publishing that Online Virtual Family Legacy Memoir TODAY and let the world know…

You can always add family data as you discover it.

Select and buy your choice of plaque size. Once your purchase is complete you will receive your login information to access your private online template.

So make sure you provide your very best email address, since that is where we will send your very important login information.

First priority is to submit your picture which you want displayed on the ceramic plaque.

Once submitted, an email will be sent back to confirm your picture choice

Log into your private online template.

READ the instruction section and for further assistant, please check out the
“Tips, Tricks & Tutorial” page to receive full benefit from your site.


Log into your private online template.

Compress all of the photos for your site EXCEPT the one you submit for the ceramic plaque.

For assistant, please check out the “Tips, Tricks & Tutorial” page.

Continue on following the easy outline steps showing where and how to add your text, videos and corresponding pictures.

Once your plaque is received.

Follow the included mounting instructions. You can also view the instruction on our FAQ page.

Enjoy your beautiful personalized memorial plaque with family, friends and generations to come.

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