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In life, we’re given a birth-date... and at end of life, we’re given a death-date...
but the only thing in life that really matters is the “DASH” in between.

Discover how simple it can be... to share your loved ones… "DASH..."

New Year’s Resolution: Have Those Hard Conversations about Long-Term Care

The New Year offers us the opportunity to start anew. We make plans to hit the gym, sleep more, and eat healthier. We commit to spending more time with family and friends rather than merely clicking likes and posting comments on Facebook or sending emojis via text. We...

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Can we rely on the internet?

I received the following comment to a recent blog post. While not disagreeing with the point of your posting I would question the wisdom of the way the computer industry is going.  On a much more disturbing note than whether a single program will work on a...

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From Primary Care to Portable Care

With all of the focus last year on health insurance costs and coverage, it strikes me that we may not be paying enough attention to how people actually get their health care.  Change is a constant in so many things . . . including the world of primary care.  It’s not...

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Does Personal Ancestral File Still Function?

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post entitled, “Why does Personal Ancestral File (PAF) refuse to die?” I think a quote from the earlier blog post is needed to start the process of bringing us up to 2018 and Personal Ancestral File. Here is me quoting me. In a...

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Using HeritageQuest Online

HeritageQuest is one of the Ancestry.com family of websites in conjunction with ProQuest.com. It is available through local public libraries where the library has a subscription. I gain access by having a library card through the Maricopa County (Arizona) Library...

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