Tips for Headstone Installation with Concrete

Tips for Headstone Installation with Concrete

When you have ordered a grave marker larger than 24”x12”x4”, you must take extra precaution in installing it. Large grave markers or headstones must be installed with concrete for security reason. If proper installation is not done, then the large stone can fall and cause damage to the nearby area or some person due to its bulky size and very heavy weight. 

Large headstone

This method of headstone installation with concrete is mostly recommended for large grave markers made of granite and bronze. Also this method is long and difficult as compared to installing a headstone without concrete.

For installing a headstone with concrete you will need a number of things, such as:

  • Shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Four or more re-enforced steel bars having 30” length
  • Wire twist ties
  • Hammer
  • Water
  • Three to four bags of concrete mix
  • Mixing container
  • PVC pipe of 6” to 8” in diameter

Once you have the required permission from the cemetery ground for installation of a grave marker and have collected all of the required materials for installation, you can start the process.

First of all you need to measure out the exact size of the gravestone on the burial plot where you want it to install it with the help of a measuring tape. After measuring the area add once inch more on each side so that the headstone can be easily installed. For instance, if the headstone measures 26” x 14”, then your measurement should be 28” x 16”. 

Make an outline and with the help of a shovel dig the outline properly. Once you have dug the outline you need to excavate the dirt and set it on one side. Start digging again to make a deep hole according to the thickness of the headstone. The thickness of the hole should 4”to 6” more than the actual thickness of the headstone. Once the dirt is complete excavated from the hole, you need to dig two piers measuring 24” deep and 6” in width on the outer ends of the pad. You can do this with the help of a post hole digger. Bear in mind that the placement of pier holes should be towards the bottom of the pad in case of a grave marker with a vase.

Next place the re-enforced steel bars one in each hole and then with the help of a hammer set them down until only 3” of the bar is visible above the surface. Now place the steel mesh at the bottom of the hole and tie it securely to the steel bars with the use of metal twist ties. Here in case of a grave marker with a vase, you will have to dig a shallow hole in its place to place the PVC sleeve. The PVC sleeve can be easily removed once the concrete sets up properly.

Now mix the concrete properly in a mixing container and then pour the concrete into the ground. Here you will have to leave ample space for your grave marker to remain straight approximately 4” from the top. With a small board smoothen up the surface of the wet concrete to ensure the marker remains flat when installed.

Within one or two days the concrete will dry properly and then only install the grave marker. Wash the marker with water thoroughly before setting it in place to make sure that there are no mowers on the stone which can impact its durability. Finally handle the grave marker carefully and gently set it into the ground. Due to the heavy weight of the marker, it is advisable not to move the marker on your own. Take help of two to three persons. Once in a while take out time to clean the headstone to increase its durability.

To conclude, with the above mentioned steps you can easily install a large grave marker. However, in case of any kind of doubt, you must take help of a professional monument installer to safeguard the beauty of the marker as well to ensure its security.


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Detailed Info on Upright Headstones

Detailed Info on Upright Headstones

A headstone is also known by the name of gravestone and tombstone. It is a permanent marker used in the cemetery to mark the grave of a beloved person. Well, when it comes to buying a headstone, there are plenty of things that need to be considered. One such thing is the type of headstone you want. In the market you can find headstones in different shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Amongst the different types of headstone, one popular type is upright headstones.

What is an upright headstone?

Upright headstones are tall, thick and wide with rounded tops. Made out of various materials such as concrete or marble, these headstones are available in different shapes and designs, ranging from simple to personalized sculptures. The traditional look and feel of upright headstones help in paying tribute to a departed soul. 

Three popular types of upright headstones:

Single Upright Headstones

Single Upright Headstones

Also known as single tombstones, single upright headstones are a kind of memorials that are designed to stand above the level of the ground. They are available in the market in various shapes and sizes. Some of the popular shapes include rectangular, heart designs, round and oval. These headstones are generally created from any color granite having different textures. The main reason behind the huge demand for single upright headstones is that here customization is possible. Not just names and dates, but the design of these headstones can even reflect the personality of the deceased.

Companion Upright Headstones

Companion Upright Headstones

Also known as double upright headstones, companion upright headstones come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials. These upright headstones are large in size and usually represent two grave spaces. These headstones are generally available in shapes like rectangular, heart designs, round and oval. Companion headstones look good in any color granite and are generally ordered for a couple to rest together forever after both of them have died.

Child and Infant Upright Headstones

Child and Infant Upright Headstones

These types of upright headstones typically can be suctomized easily and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. To cope with the loss of a child is very difficult for any parents and so it is necessary to memorialize their final resting place in a beautiful manner. With infant and child upright headstones you can memorialize the life of your little angel in a nice way. Different fonts, borders and artwork can be used to make the memorial unique. You can find these headstones in popular colors of granite such as red, gray, brown, and jet black, and even green.

Important Point

When choosing an upright headstone you need to decide on different aspects such as what style of finish, what shape of stone and the type of base you want. When making a final decision regarding finish, stone and size, you need to bear in mind the rules and regulation of the cemetery where you would install the headstone. Each cemetery in the US has its own specifications regarding stone size, materials and bases that can be used.


Upright headstones are available in the market to suit all budgets and taste preferences. Also if you wish to customize an upright headstone, it can be easily done.


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Granite Headstones Designed To Last For Generations

Granite Headstones Designed To Last For Generations

Amongst all the different types of materials used for making headstones, granite is the most popular one in the market. Durability and beautiful look of granite are the main reasons behind its popularity as a material for making high quality headstones. Granite is a kind of igneous rock composed of four different minerals such as mica,quartz, hornblende and feldspar. Granite is used for making headstones as it can withstand pressure and can bear the natural calamities. At the same time the engraving done on granite stone is visible for years to come. Also granite is available in a wide variety of colors and crystalline textures which can suit different tastes and preferences.

Granite headstone

Headstones made of granite are highly popular in the market as granite is regarded as the strongest type of material in the world. But when looking for a granite headstone, one need to remember that there are different types of granite in the market and there are differences between two types of granite. These differences can be noticed in color, strength, bulk density, compressive strength and so on.

Granite headstones are exceedingly strong and will last for thousands of years. The strength and durability of a granite headstone is such that only a miracle can cause damage to it. Even after years, it will be really difficult to crack or break a granite headstone. Granite headstones are available in various colors such as India Red, Jet Black, Tropical Green, Blue Pearl, India Mahogany, Mountain Red, Classic Gray, Light Pink, Aurora, Multi Red and so on.

Granite color shades      
But when you shop for granite headstones, you can see that some colors of granite are more expensive than others. Here pricing of headstones are decided on rarity of the material rather than the color quality. So, when buying a granite headstone, you need to give stress on the quality aspect and opt for one that suits your tastes and budget.

Granite headstones are made from natural granite. This natural materia is formed from molten lava. The overall process of making granite headstone is lengthy and can be categorized into three steps. The first step starts with quarrying the granite. Here a piece if granite is obtained from an open excavation through various processes known as digging, blasting, cutting or wire-sawing. This process is done by skilled workers only. Here the stones are given a special shape and finish for making a headstone. 

The second step involves the designing and lettering process. Here a skilled artist creates a stencil of the lettering. Usually a stencil is created by hand. But nowadays computer stencil-cutting machines are also used for doing the task. The stencil is then stuck to the granite headstone.  

The final step is the carving process. Here the headstones are taken to a sandblasting room where a worker uses high air pressure and special techniques to carve out the design and lettering. After this, the carved areas are hand painted in black on lighter shade granite stones and white on darker shade granite stones in order to highlight the design. Both the lettering on granite headstones and the paint are guaranteed to last for generations. The headstone is finally ready for delivery and installation in a cemetry.

To conclude, if you are looking for a headstone that can last 1000 years or more, then granite headstone should be your choice. Buying a good quality granite headstone will not ensure is durability. You need to clean the headstone at regular intervals to increase its longevity.

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Bronze Headstones Means Durability and Elegance

Bronze Headstones Means Durability and Elegance

Along with granite headstones, aother popular type of headstone is bronze headstones. The material bronze is used for making strong and hard headstones that will not break easily and last for hundreds of years. The durability and elegance that can be seen on bronze headstones make it a perfect choice for honoring the life of a loved one. At the same time bronze headstones does not need too much maintenance and these headstones can be easily installed in a cemetery.

The material bronze was created with the discovery of the technique known as alloying. History of bronze technology is very old. It was made for the first time when a small amount of another metal was mixed to copper. Usually tin, copper, lead and zinc are mixed together to make bronze and soon it became popular in the market due to its durabilty and strength. A bronze headstone will not rust even after years of exposure to harsh climatic conditions.

Just like granite headstones, bronze headstones can also be personalized with the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death and at times even epitaphs. As bronze has been used for centuries for making headstones it has also helped historians and genealogists in their research works.

Bronze headstone

The manufacturing process of making a bronze headstone use age old techniques. The whole manufacturing process can be categorized into four different steps.

The four steps are:

Casting the bronze plaque

The first step starts with casting the bronze plaque where a mold is created complete with all the lettering. Then bronze is melted under high heat of around 200 degrees. The molted liquid is then poured into the molds and is then allowed to cool. With time the bronze shrinks a little and then only it is removed from the mold.

Chasing the bronze plaque

Next step starts with the chasing phase. Here workers grind the bronze headstones in order to remove any kind of imperfections that may have appeared during the first step. Workers use small grinders to remove the minor imperfections. Here the headstone is given the desire texture and shape. In case of imperfections, the first step is again repeated.


In the third stage of bronze headstone manufacturing process, several coats of dark brown paint known as oxidation are applied to the bronze plaque. Next all the traces of excess oxidation are removed from the designs with a special kind of solvent. Finally the headstone is coated with lacquer for maximum protection, durability and beauty.


Finally, the bronze headstone is ready for shipping where it will be mounted to a granite base. Usually a bronze headstone is secured to a 4” thick piece of granite with the help of brass hardware. As bronze and granite are two most durable materials available in the market, it is guaranteed that a bronze headstone will last for years to come. The headstone is then ready for shipping and customers can buy the headstones from funeral homes, online outlets or traditional shops.

To conclude, a bronze grave marker is an everlasting tribute to a loved one who has passed away. In the market, you can find these types of headstones in a wide variety of designs that can be personalized by adding emblem and epitaph. In fact, there are many cemeteries in the US where you can install bronze grave markers only.


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Memorialize the Life of Your Pet with a Pet Headstone

Memorialize the Life of Your Pet with a Pet Headstone

Pets have long been a part of our lives and they are regarded as a close member of the family.  This is one reason why after the death of a pet, the owner looks for ways to memorialize the life of his pet. In case you wish to memorialize the life of your four-legged friend, then there are many options for you to choose from. One such unique idea is getting a pet headstone.


Pet headstones are also referred by other names such as pet grave markers, pet grave stones, pet memorial stones and pet tombstones. Pet headstones can be either made from granite or bronze. Both these materials can withstand the harsh climatic conditions and thus can last for years to come. Most of the pet headstones available in the market can be engraved with the name of the pet, date and birth date. Some headstones can even be personalized with the photo of the pet along with some kind of special message from the owners that expresses the feelings of the owner of the pet.

Right from simple pet headstones to classic pet headstones, you can find amazing styles; shapes and designs of pet headstones that can be used to memorialize a beloved and cherished family pet. You can buy a headstone for your pet and get it installed on your garden, yard or some pet cemetery. The headstone can mark the resting place where your beloved pet is buried. Or else it can even serve as a reminder of the special bond that your pet shared with you and your family members.

Pet headstones

The trend of pet headstones is not something new. In fact, this unique concept has been popular since 1940’s with the formation of ‘pet cemeteries’. The first kind of such cemeteries was formed in New York where dogs who died during the World War II were buried. Soon the idea become popular in other parts of the US also as pet owners started looking for ways to memorialize their beloved pets. Along with pet headstones there are other kind of pet memorials available in the market such as pet jewelry items, pet cremation urns, and pet keepsakes and so on.

Usually, people prefer the pet headstone to be installed in their own garden or yard. But due to lack of space, people are installing these headstones in pet cemeteries where the headstones are taken care of with respect, just like any human cemetery. To see a wide range of such headstones, you must visit the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park located in southern California, in the United States of America.  You will be amazed to see the different types of pet headstones displayed in this particular pet cemetery.

Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park

To conclude, pet headstone is a beautiful and interesting way to memorialize the life of your own beloved pet. At the same time, these headstones can help in the grieving process that one goes through after the death of a beloved pet.


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Memorialize a Couple Together With Companion Headstones

Memorialize a Couple Together With Companion Headstones

Generally a headstone is used to memorialize the life of a deceased, but with a companion headstone you can memorialize a couple together. Companion headstones are larger in size as compared to individual headstones. This means these headstones have more space for a couple to be memorialized together after both of them have died. These headstones can be customized by including photos of the couple, epitaphs and some kind of special message from the family members.

The couple, who are in deep love with each other and cannot imagine living a life without their partner, can get much comfort from companion headstones. This way even after their death they can share the same space with their loving and caring partner. 

Companion headstone

Usually, these headstones are made from granite or bronze which are known for their sturdiness and can last for years. As these headstones are larger in size, there is enough space to include the names, birth dates, and death dates in addition to a small epitaph that highlights the love shared between two persons who always wanted to be buried side by side after their death. This way couples are memorialized rather than single individuals. With a companion headstone, beloved couples will always remain together for years to come.

Most of the companion headstones come in traditional and classic designs either made from granite or bronze. Bit larger than single headstones, there are many things that can be done to give a unique touch to the look and feel of the headstones. You can also opt for upright companion headstones or flat companion headstones to capture the love shared by a couple. The design of such headstones can be customized as per your specifications and can even include photos of the couple.  Generally, these grave markers can hold a minimum of two designs along with some photos of the couples or a mounted vase.  Before buying a headstone for a couple, it is very essential to be aware of the rules and regulations of a particular cemetery in regards to the size of the headstone. There are many cemeteries in the US, where a particular size of headstones can be installed only.

It is not that a companion headstone can be purchased only after the death of both the partners. In fact, one can opt for a companion headstone even when one of the partners is still alive. Here the information regarding one of the deceased are engraved at the time of installation of the headstone. Later on after the death of the other partner, all the necessary information is added on it. There are many couples who prefer to choose their very own companion headstone in order to memorialize the love and respect for each other.

Headstone for couples

At the same time, companion headstones can also be used to memorize the life of a couple even if the remains of both the partners are processed differently. For instance, in situations where one of the partners is buried while the other one is cremated. Here a companion headstone can be used to memorialize the life of the person whose body is cremated alongside the burial ground of the other person.

To conclude, with a companion headstone you can link couples together for generations to come and the survivors can acknowledge the sacred love shared by them. So, it’s time to honor your parents with a companion headstone or else you can buy one for yourself to memorialize the love you share with your life partner.

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