How to Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry

How to Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry

No matter the holiday, jewelry gifts for Mom can be some of the most meaningful – if you think carefully about your gift. Whether you’re giving Mother’s Day jewelry or a necklace to honor Mom’s birthday, consider her tastes, her interests, and what might have special meaning. Rather than just choosing a piece of jewelry because it’s trendy, put some careful consideration into the woman who will be receiving your gift.

What Jewelry Does Mom Already Have?

Before you go out to buy anything, take a few days to look at what the woman you’re buying for is wearing. Does she tend toward pearls and conservative pieces? Is she into sparkly necklaces and dangly earrings? Does she have a quirky sense of humor and likes fun, trendy items? While a simple, heart-shaped pendant might appeal to most moms, taking the time to consider what she really likes and already wears shows how much you care.

Find out what Mom already has before you go shopping for jewelry.

If you have the opportunity, take a look inside her jewelry box. This is even more important if you or other family members have bought her jewelry before – not even Mom wants to get the same bracelet twice! Does she tend toward simple pendants or big, chunky pieces? Gold or silver? Maybe you’ll find lots of bracelets but not so many necklaces. Just like looking at what she wears shows you her preferences, seeing what she already has can give you a bigger picture of what jewelry gifts for Mom are likely to be most welcome.

Consider Your Family and Mom’s Interests

Once you know the type of thing your mom likes, consider how you can incorporate additional meaningful elements. If your mom enjoys sports, maybe she’d like a pendant with the logo of her favorite team. A great idea for Mother’s Day jewelry is to commemorate a recent family trip with a charm bracelet highlighting the places that you visited. Mother’s rings and necklaces with the birthstones of all the children in the family are wonderful traditional jewelry gifts for Mom.

Honor the People Mom Loves

Photo Square Premium Stainless Cremation JewelryMost of us have lost people in our lives that we love, and honoring those loses can be especially meaningful. If your mother has lost someone special recently, why not choose a piece of memorial jewelry as a gift. Choose from necklaces, rings, earrings, and more, all designed to honor those we’ve lost. If you have a photograph of your mother and her mother, why not have it engraved on a photo engraved pendant and give it as a Mother’s Day jewelry gift. You’ll show your mother how much you’re thinking of her.


Have a Budget Before You Shop

Most of our mothers don’t want us spending too much or going into debt to give them a gift. Show Mom that you’ve put her good advice on saving money to work by setting yourself a budget and sticking to it. If you know what you have to spend and stick to looking at jewelry options only in that range, you’ll be able to narrow your search more quickly. You can find a great deal of beautiful, quality jewelry for less than $100, so there’s no need to break the bank.Glint Heart Locket Stainless Steel Jewelry with engraving

Customize Your Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Once you’ve picked out a meaningful jewelry gift for Mom that’s in your budget, why not see if you can have it engraved? Many jewelers and online jewelry retailers offer custom engraving at an affordable price. Add a special message for your mom or simply your initials and the date. It’s the little extra touches that make a gift special.

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Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother

Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother

For most people, the loss of a parent at any age is devastating. We are often left feeling alone and full of grief, as this person who has been there for us for all of our lives is suddenly gone. If a friend or loved one has experienced such a loss, there are sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother that can be meaningful and show your support.

Give Your Time

In many cases, simply being present and available to the person who is grieving can make all of the difference. The loss of a parent can make us feel like orphans, alone in the world, and having a loving friend nearby can be a quiet reminder that there are still people who love us. Be present and available to those who are grieving.Small gestures, such as a card, phone call, or visit, may be very welcome. Pay attention to the cues your friend is giving you – they may be looking for an outlet to discuss their feelings, or simply want to feel “normal” for a while and not talk about the loss. Giving them the freedom to react and interact how they need to may be the best sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother they can receive.

It’s important to remember that different people grieve in different ways, however. If your friend or loved one chooses not to reach out to you or wants to take some time to be alone with their grief and loss, that’s OK. You should still check in and make sure that the person knows you’re available, but don’t be offended or suggest that they are not reacting in the “right” way if they don’t want to spend time with you. If you notice that your friend’s behavior has become extreme, such as drinking heavily or staying in bed for multiple days at a time, you may need to step in. Your friend may need professional help before he hurts himself or others.

Give Your Actions

Consider giving food as a sympathy giftMany people who experience the loss of a parent have a difficult time engaging with “normal” life again. It may seem difficult to cook dinner or clean the house or pick the kids up from school. People who have experienced loss also often need to deal with the administrative tasks related to that death, such as making funeral plans and meeting with lawyers, which can be time consuming.

Consider taking actions to help make life a little easier as bereavement gifts for the loss of a mother. Offer to make dinner, pick the kids up from school, or babysit while a parent goes to talk to the funeral director. You could offer to help clean up the house before or after the memorial service. Gifts of food are often welcome, but if the friend has been overwhelmed with casseroles and pies, maybe now isn’t the right time. Wait a week or two before offering your gift – once the first rush of sympathy has passed, your friend might be feeling like everyone has moved on or forgotten them. Showing that you’re still present and thinking of their loss may help soothe that pain.

Give a Memorial Gift6898-whispersfromheav_cropped

If you’d like to give more tangible memorial gifts for the loss of a mother, consider small keepsake gifts. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a gift – a simple, small, personalized item may be more meaningful. Consider the following sympathy gift ideas for the loss of a mother:

Give to a Meaningful Cause

Rather than something tangible, you may want to give your time or money to a meaningful cause. If your friend – or his or her mother – was a volunteer at the local animal shelter or food pantry, for example, donating to that cause is a wonderful way to show your support. These sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother show that you are thinking of the things that are important to your friend and his or her family.

Of course, you can still make a donation of your time or money even if the deceased wasn’t connected to any specific cause. Try to choose an organization that means something to the deceased or his or her family, however; this isn’t the time to trumpet your own personal causes, unless you think they are also ones that the family supports. Any donation you make should be in support of them, not yourself.

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Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Child

Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Child

Losing a child is likely to be devastating for any parent. If you know someone who has experienced this type of loss, you may have the urge to try to take away the pain or soothe it away. It’s important to remember that each person has their own grieving process, and that experiencing and working through grief can be very important.May You Find Comfort - Small Memorial Stone Totem Instead of trying to take away the pain, offer your time and support to the parents and other family members. Knowing that they have your help if they need it may be one of the most welcome sympathy gifts that you can give.

Let the parent know that you are available to listen or simply be present while they grieve. You never know how valuable a simple word or gesture of kindness can be to someone who has experienced such a painful loss. Try not to impose yourself into the life of the person who is grieving, however; we all have our own ways of dealing with pain, and the parent may need some time to grieve, pray, or be alone with their memories. Grief takes time, and you shouldn’t try to rush someone else’s grieving process.

You should be on the lookout for extreme behavior or signs of severe depression. Even if the friend or loved one has close family around them, they may be too caught up in their own grief to realize how poorly the person is coping. If you notice that the person is drinking heavily or staying in bed for days in a row, they may need professional help. Reach out to the person’s family, a minister, or a counselor for assistance.

Memorial Gift Ideas

If you aren't close to the family, you may want to send flowers or a card.Before you give any sympathy gifts for the loss of a child, consider your relationship to the parent. If you don’t have a close personal relationship with the bereaved, you may want to consider a slightly less personal gift. You may want to send a card or flowers to the family, or make a donation in honor of the child to a cause you know they support. It’s likely that the parents have close friends and family around them, and while an honest expression of sympathy is likely to be welcome, it’s best not to intrude more if you don’t already have a close relationship.

If you do know the parent or parents well, however, think about what you know about them, their lives, and their interests. Families with several children may need help with the other kids, for example, and you could offer to babysit while the parents deal with making funeral arrangements. Food items are common sympathy gifts for the loss of a baby or child, but be sure that you consider what the family likes. Healthy dishes that can be frozen are a good idea, although comfort foods, like casseroles and desserts, get their name for a reason. If the family has been overwhelmed with food gifts, offer to help clean out the fridge or freezer and consider bringing your gift a few weeks later, after the initial outpouring of support has lessened.

Personalized Memorial Gifts

There are a range of sympathy gifts for the loss of a child that can be personalized for the family. If you want to give a gift to an individual parent, you might consider a piece of memorial jewelry. A mother who is religious might appreciate a memorial cross or angel pendant, for example. Many jewelry pieces can be engraved with a brief message or the name of the child. Other options include photo engraved jewelry, which has a photo of the child or family engraved directly onto the items, or print jewelry, which includes a fingerprint, handprint, or footprint of the deceased.A grieving parent may welcome a soft, huggable gift.

In some situations, such as a miscarriage or stillbirth, you may have no pictures or prints available. Jewelry can still be a good choice for stillborn memorial gifts. You may also want to consider a memorial garden stone, wind chimes, or stone statuary. Most of these items can be placed outside, and they may be used to create a special garden memorial to the child. Memorial candles and keepsake boxes can also make good gifts.

One unique and special sympathy gift that you may want to consider is a soft teddy bear keepsake holder. This bear comes in several sizes and has a zippered pocket in the back where cremains or other keepsakes can be kept. There is also a small pocket on the front. The teddy bear is soft and easy to hold, and a parent may find that it offers a physical source of comfort.

Give Patience and Understanding

No matter what type of sympathy gifts for the loss of a baby or child that you give, one of the most important things that you can do is give your patience and understanding. Consider your words and actions carefully, but try not to tiptoe around the grieving family. Unless you’ve actually lost a child yourself, telling a parent that you “know how they feel” may not be welcome. People grieve in different ways, and the person may be angry and scream or lash out. Remember that their reaction is likely not about you, and try not to take it personally.

If you’ve given the family a sympathy gift, they may choose not to display it. Some families appreciate having a memorial to their child in a special place where they can go and think about happy memories and experiences. Others simply find that type of reminder too painful. Remember as well that, just because the parent doesn’t want to display a gift when the loss is new, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be appreciated in the future when the grief is not so fresh.

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