Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques

Yesterday’s Memories Shared With Today’s Technology… 


In life, we are given a birth-date… and at end of life, we are given a death date…

but the only thing in life that really matters is the “Dash” in between…

Now you can share your loved ones “DASH.”

Customer Testimonials

“When I saw this plaque I thought it was a great idea. Then I started thinking more about it and how it would be possible for me to make some videos on my thoughts right now, and as I go along, for my children to see down this lane.

Hopefully way down the road, but you never know.

Thanks for this.”

Larry Diamond –

“Thank you Harri, your sharing of this has been a real encouragement to me at this time.

Ian Scott Carnie –

“This Will Make Me A Proud Daughter To Be
Able To Honor Him With This Plaque.”

Dr. Margaret Peterson – Ventura, CA

Harri K Connex –
Sunshine Coast, Australia

“To Know, ‘From Whence You Were Hewn’, To Know The Path History Has Taken You To Bring You To This Point, Is Truly Invaluable.”

Sharlene Graf –
Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Your Concept Is About The Novel
Never Written.”

Dr. Blythe TwoSisters – Dallas, TX

Meet the team…

Sunshine Coast, Australia  

Brian Miller [Founder/CEO]

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Peter Woods – Master Hand Thrown Pottery Craftsman


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