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History-To-Share Ceramic Memorial Plaque


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What is the plaque made of?

History-to-Share ceramic plaques are hand made and individual crafted of the highest
quality, weather durable ceramic material by the Master Hand-Thrown Pottery Artisan, Peter Woods.



Are there different size plaques to pick from?

Absolutely, there are 2 sizes:  3″ x 3″  square and 3″ x 5″ rectangle available in portrait or landscape mode.

We also offer two sizes in an oval shape:  3″ and 5″.

Please visit our Product Page for more information.

Are there different colors to choose from?

Of course…, we have 3 choices.

No trim, silver trim around the edges or gold trim around the edges. All trims are hand applied by a Master Potter.


Please visit our Product Page for more information.

Will my ceramic picture be the exact size described on this website?

The size of the ceramic picture may vary by a couple of millimeters.

The ceramic shrinks when fired and does not always come out to the exact dimensions, but is always very very close.

How long with it take to receive my ceramic plaque?

Once we receive your photo selection for your ceramic plaque, it will be sized and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

When you approve the photo in a return email, production of your plaque will begin.

At that time your ceramic plaque should be completed and shipped in about 4 weeks.


Do you offer a guarantee on your product?


The ceramic picture is guaranteed against fading and (scratching) for the life-time of the purchaser. (?)

If the ceramic plaque arrives damaged, promptly notify us and we will send a replacement at no charge.

We keep electronic copies of all photos so we can quickly replace them if necessary.

We will require the damaged plaque to be returned before shipping out replacement.


As these are a custom made product, there are no returns for reasons other than stated above.


How do I install my new ceramic plaque?

Installation is relatively easy by using industrial adhesive which we provide for free with all of our products. 

1. VERY IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Use alcohol to clean the mounting surface (i.e. headstone, grave marker, urn, etc.) to which the ceramic picture will be placed. LET SURFACE DRY before mounting plaque.

 2. Place your ceramic picture on the mounting surface and mark the positioning with a pencil or other instrument.

3. Remove the film from the tape on the back and position the ceramic picture between your markings, pressing it firmly for about 2 minutes.

We will also include the instruction with your order.

What quality of photo on the ceramic picture can I expect? (?)

The quality of the finished product is directly related to the quality of the photo you supply.

To insure the best results, we recommend that you upload the highest quality photo possible.

We recommend 300 x 300 pixel quality in a .png format.

Will this work with any mobile phone or tablet?

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Data charges may apply. Please refer to your wireless provider plan.

If not sure how to install a QR Code Reader, please watch the video below that explains the process.

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How does a QR Code Scanner work?

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