The Blue Moon – A Great Omen


The website is finished and the fun can begin in sharing my new venture –

The vision began as an attempt to honor my Mom’s story… her legacy… her “Dash”…  with her friends and family.

And then, why not with everyone who would be interested?

So, it is ironic, that I realized I had to throw out all the old technology and embrace the new ways in order to honor the past.

The Blue Moon, on July 31st, was a great omen for a bright future honoring the past of our loved ones and heroes.

Come follow my vision at

Now there’s a great way to preserve and share your loved one’s story… their legacy… their “DASH”.

CLICK HERE to learn more about us…

Follow our journey at to learn more about our product.

An innovative way to share memories, contributions and history of passed friends and family members.

This will impact family legacies forever.

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